Adria Summit 2024

Adria Summit, Digital Commerce & Business Conference will be held for the third year in a row from May 8th to 12th 2024 at two locations in two countries – in the Kempinski Hotel Adriatic in Umag, Croatia and in the Kempinski Palace in Portorož, Slovenia.

800 visitors and 160 speakers from 18 countries participated in the first two conferences. Participants had the opportunity to hear inspiring speeches and panel discussions led by important personalities such as Marko Landi, known for reuniting Steve Jobs with Apple, Maria Henjak, CEO of Gorenjska banka, Ljiljana Ahmetović, director of Shoppster, Milan Gospić , CEO of Microsoft, and many others.

251 companies participated in the previous two top meetings, including Gorenjska Banka, OTP Banka, Procredit Bank, Adikko Bank, PBZ, Zagrebačka Banka, Shoppster, Ananas, Microsoft, Delta Holding, Milšped, Rakuten Viber. Last year, the conference was opened by the director of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Adria Summit 2024, Digital Commerce and Business Conference
Adria Summit 2024, Digital Commerce and Business Conference

This year, the American Chambers of Commerce (AmCham) are opening new perspectives for business cooperation across the Atlantic.

Adria Summit has positioned itself as a key center for the exchange of ideas and networking. In addition to lectures and panels, participants enjoyed various activities such as golf tournaments, tennis, cycling, Rivamare events, Istrian delicacies and a gala evening in the beautiful Kempinski Palace in Portorož, with a performance by the renowned Serbian opera singer Marija Nešić.

Expectations for this year’s event are higher, and a diverse program promises inspiring discussions and interesting panels:

“Kings of Conferences – Event Industry Digital Strategies”: Moderator: Martina Sokač Saraga, MSS PULS, Zoran Torbica, Organiser of Adria Summit, Tomo Ricov, Co-Founder of Weekend Media, Robert Čoban, President at Color Press Group

Adria Summit 2024

“Building a Group of Companies Targeting the American Market”: The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) organizes a discussion exploring cooperation strategies between companies from the Adriatic region and Europe seeking to enter the dynamic American market.

“Accelerating Innovation: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation” : This panel will explore how AI can revolutionize businesses and industries and how organizations can effectively integrate AI into their digital transformation strategies.

“From Hyper to Stable: What Has Changed in Financing Innovation?” : This discussion will shed light on the recent market turbulence, from inflation and high interest rates to the collapse of SVB, layoffs in the IT sector and their impact on investor appetites.

“Creating Shopping Fantasy: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Commerce” : This panel will explore how artificial intelligence is changing the way consumers experience shopping, including personalized online experiences using AR and VR technologies.

“Fast and Seamless: Mastering the Art of Fast and Convenient Payments” : This panel will explore the secrets of smooth, fast e-commerce payments, focusing on optimizing the user experience and integrating leading payment systems for maximum convenience.

“Regional dialogue: Challenges and opportunities for e-commerce associations” : E-commerce associations from the Adriatic region and beyond will gather to discuss various relevant topics and share their experiences and challenges. The main focus of the day will be on how to take advantage of closer relations in the region and gain valuable insights from different countries.

“E-Legal: How to Sell a Product Without Losing a Dollar – Legal Framework for Online Sales” : This session will cover all aspects of e-commerce transactions, from consumer protection laws to data privacy regulations. With practical advice, you will learn how to protect your interests, reduce legal risks and maximize profitability in online business, without losing a dollar.

“The Future of HR Management: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business Roles?” : How does HR deal with the challenges of the rapidly changing e-commerce and business environment? This topic explores the impact of artificial intelligence on the nature of work, including the emergence of new business roles and the need to develop new skills for workers.

“Powering the Supply Chain with Artificial Intelligence: Optimizing Inventory Management and Logistics” : How to optimize delivery and shipping processes with the help of artificial intelligence to improve customer satisfaction and grow your e-commerce business? This topic focuses on the use of artificial intelligence in supply chain management, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization and route planning.

“Green is the New Black: Discovering Green E-Commerce Strategies” : A panel revealing the latest sustainable practices in green e-commerce aimed at environmentally conscious consumers. From greening the supply chain to eco-friendly packaging, they will go over ways to succeed in the era of sustainable shopping and ESG reporting.

“The Digital Entertainment Economy: Unveiling the Power of Intangible Commerce” : From virtual goods to exclusive content, how is e-commerce changing the way consumers interact with their favorite games, movies and digital experiences? This panel will present research on the latest trends, innovative strategies and new technologies driving growth and innovation in this exciting digital environment.

In addition to mentioned panels, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a number of other discussions, lectures and networking events.

Adria Summit 2024 promises to be not only a platform for knowledge exchange and networking, but also for shaping the future of technology and business.


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