La Festa della Repubblica in Ljubljana 2024

H.E. Giuseppe Cavagna, June 5th 2024
H.E. Giuseppe Cavagna, June 5th 2024


On the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the Proclamation of the Italian Republic, the New ambassador of Italy in Slovenia, Mr Giuseppe Cavagna and Mrs Sabrina Feletig hosted a reception at the Slovenian National Gallery on June 5th.

The celebration was attended by many distinguished guests, representatives of the Slovenian Government and business communities of Slovenia and Italy.

Ambassador  Cavagna, in his opening speech, stressed that: „Slovenia and Italy are not only neighbours, excellent neighbours, but also a privileged place where people can meet to share common historical roots and intensive bilateral cooperation in almost all fields, with the aim of a successful common European future”

H.E. Cavagna particularly stressed the importance of cooperation between Nova Gorica and Gorizia in the coming year – the year of 2025 when both cities will share the role of Capitals of Culture. “These two cities are a shining example of how to overcome decades of division and become a single bright spot where different cultures work together and live as one. This is one of the strongest messages about the strength of the European Union”, concluded Cavagna.

This year’s Italian National day (La Festa della Repubblica, June 2nd) reception was organized on June 5th which is also a Carabinieri Day.


H.E. Giuseppe Cavagna and Sabrina Feletig, H.E. Ambassador of Turkey, Aylin Taşhan June 5th 2024
H.E. Giuseppe Cavagna and Sabrina Feletig receiving distinguished guests on June 5th 2024

The programe included a very good promotion of several Italian brands such as Alberti, Aperol Spritz, Illy, Sinefinis Rebolium, Eccellenza, EATALY, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Bank and Uni Credit Bank as well as an amazing performance by dancers from Nova Gorica’s MN Dance Company, partners of the official GO! 2025 programme.