Launch of the promotional campaign: “Slovenia. It’s all in our nature”

Slovenia. It's all in our nature
Slovenia. It’s all in our nature


The Slovenian Tourist Board and the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations, have unveiled an inspiring promotional campaign: Slovenia. It’s all in our nature. The campaign aims to spotlight Slovenia as a sports superpower and a top tourist destination. With the central message, “It’s all in our nature,” the campaign intertwines images of Slovenia’s breathtaking landscapes with its top athletes, including Janja Garnbret, Tadej Pogačar, Kristjan Čeh, Andreja Leški, Toni Vodišek and the women’s handball team.​


The promotional campaign, officially launched today at the Rog Centre in Ljubljana, presents Slovenia as a top destination for active experiences. The main message, “It’s all in our nature,” cleverly plays on the dual meaning of “nature”, referring both to the landscape and the character of the nation.


STB’s Director, MSc. Maja Pak, remarked on this occasion: “The promotional campaign, which brings together our sporting heroes and beautiful images of our nature, is not only a promotion of our country as a tourist destination, but also as a place where sport, healthy lifestyles and sustainable values are deeply rooted. We are confident that this campaign will inspire many visitors from all over the world and invite them to discover and experience Slovenia in a whole new way.”


Franjo Bobinac, the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations, expressed his admiration for the campaign: “This campaign is exceptional not only because it features 10 stunning locations and 20 outstanding athletes but also because it beautifully intertwines the essence of our athletes with the breathtaking nature of Slovenia. The creatives have crafted a compelling story that captures the spirit of Slovenian sports and the beauty of our country. To paraphrase the famous line from Casablanca: ‘This is not only the beginning but also the continuation of a beautiful friendship between Slovenian tourism and Slovenian sport.’ Paris, here we come!”


Featuring top-quality visuals and videos of 10 iconic Slovenian locations, such as Otočec and Dolenjska, Bled and the Alps, the Soča Valley, Ptuj, Piran and the Coast, Postojna Cave, and Ljubljana, the promotional campaign also highlights over 20 top athletes, including Tadej Pogačar, Janja Garnbret, Kristjan Čeh, Andreja Leški, Toni Vodišek, and the women’s handball team. It serves as a gateway to discovering the full range of Slovenia’s attractions through the various communication channels of the Slovenian Tourist Board. The impressive visuals are accompanied by a soundtrack from Slovenian musician DJ Umek.

On the Feel Slovenia YouTube channel, you can  watch  captivating videos available in both English and Slovenian.


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