What a triumphant tenth edition of DK Festival!

Days of Communications, Rovinj 2024, photo Vana Katančić
Dani komunikacija, Rovinj 2024, foto Vana Katančić

What a triumphant tenth edition of DK Festival!

Days of Communications, 11-14.4.2024, Rovinj

The tenth edition of this beloved festival was marked by packed festival halls and fantastic energy, while rational irrationality, predictable unpredictability, sealed the impressions of this year’s typically atypical festival.

DK Festival exceeded all expectations once again this year, delivering a unique festival experience with record attendance. It showcased production rarely seen in these areas and reached the highest level of organization, welcoming the community on its tenth anniversary with style and laughter. With a total of 163 speakers and performers, 123 companies, firms, and associations as partners, sponsors, and friends of the festival, over 70 program events took place at 7 festival locations. After this brilliant tenth edition, all that remains is to eagerly await what will the organizers prepare for the next edition. This is the conclusion, now that impressions have finally settled, of the unique community that gathered in Rovinj at the end of April to absorb unique insights from 13 speakers from Argentina, Belgium, Singapore, the UK, the USA, and numerous national and regional experts on the festival’s 360° stage.

Alongside what many consider the best program in this part of the world, this typically-atypical festival was characterized by midnight talks, beachside talks, post program pints, a beach afterparty at sunset, spectacular new production of the main 360° hall, sold-out initial batches of FUCK & LOVE merchandise, a new fourth hall, the first AI assistant at such an event in Croatia, and a whole host of other unprecedented content in the sunniest edition of DK Festival yet. The spectrum of topics covered everything from pushing the boundaries of creativity, taboo topics in the industry, breaking stereotypes, and creative chaos, and drawing out the most current and compelling aspects of the industry. In the evening sessions, awards were also presented for the best achievements among 518 projects competing for industry awards, chosen by a selection of 118 jury members and competition committees.

This thrilling festival once again demonstrated that, from one extreme to another and from black to white, it is possible to simultaneously love and hate the communications industry, but it is impossible to remain indifferent towards it. So, at the closing of the tenth edition, the organizers bid farewell to our community and thanked all speakers, panelists, partners, festival friends, media, and everyone involved in the organization who helped realize this extensive project. Everyone congratulated the competition winners, closing the festival doors – until next year.

Everyone already knows that it’s never boring with us – and this year our once smaller project took on a completely new, unusual, sunny dimension that cannot be put into words.

“I’m sure it was hard for everyone to leave Rovinj, said festival director Dunja Ivana Ballon, adding: Year after year, we face a more difficult task – to innovate the festival once again and surpass the impeccably brilliant impressions – but we always gladly accept the challenge. See you at DK2025.”

Those of you who couldn’t join this year’s big celebration of the communications industry will be delighted to hear that online passes, which provide access to the main hall content, will still be available for 30 days after the festival ends – accessible at www.danikomunikacija.com.


Days of Communications Rovinj, 2024, photos Vana Katančić

Days of Communications Rovinj, 2024, photo Vana Katančić

Days of Communications, Rovinj 2024, photo Vana Katancic